History of Creasy Proctor Lodge

Early in 1946, Brother Albert C. Greene conceived the idea of forming a new lodge in Fayetteville, N.C. As a result, a group of 49 members of Phoenix Lodge No. 8 was granted a dispensation to form such a lodge. On August 6, 1946, Creasy Proctor Lodge U.D. (under dispensation) held its first communication.

At this first communication, Brother Charles W. Seate was elected Treasurer and Brother Rufus K. Moore, Jr., Secretary. The following appointments were announced by Brother D. L. McRainey, the Master: Gilbert M. Honeycutt, Senior Warden; Luby J. Gardner, Junior Warden; William A. Davidson and Albert C. Greene, Stewards; Harry V. Deaver, Tyler. It is worthy to note that Brother Greene, who was the father of the idea to form this lodge would accept appointment at the foot of the line of promotion.

At the Communication of the Grand Lodge of North Carolina in April 1947, a charter was granted designating it as "Creasy Proctor Lodge No. 679". This Charter was dated April 16, 1947, and signed by the new Grand Master, Most Worshipful Brother Luther T. Hartsell, Jr. The lodge received its Charter and was consecrated in due and ancient form on Tuesday, May 16, 1947, with Grand Master Hartsell presiding.

This lodge is named in honor of Reverend and Brother, Creasy Kinion Proctor, who for 18 years (from August 1, 1928, until his passing on June 15, 1946) was Superintendent of Oxford Orphanage (Now named "The Masonic Home for Children-Oxford").

Recipient of many high honors from the Masonic Fraternity and its appendant organizations. Creasy K. Proctor was best known for having devoted his life to the children at our home in Oxford. He was a man of high mental and moral stature who was held in the highest esteem by all who knew him, Masons and profane alike. His passing brought a void to those who had known him and who had recognized in him the epitome of all that a true Mason should be.